Kirsten Myers Counseling



Kirsten Myers Counseling offers a variety of psychotherapeutic services to both adolescents and adults.  Short-term and long-term therapy is offered for a variety of problems and life struggles.  Myers has years of experience specializing in treatment of the following issues:

    >    Eating Disorders
    >    A
    >    Depression
    >    Low Self-Esteem
    >    Relationship Issues
    >    Divorce and Children Impacted by Divorce

In addition to these specialized areas, Myers also offers counseling for the following life struggles:

    >    Personality Disorders

    >    Gay/Lesbian Issues

    >    Addiction
    >    Loss

No matter what the area of concern is, Kirsten Myers Counseling creates a safe and supportive environment for all patients.  Treatments and personal goals are highly customized for each individual.  The end-result is a more self-aware, healthier client that is empowered to make positive changes in their life.